College symbol

The College Emblem evokes an impression of harmony, unity, and simple beauty. A symbol of hope, the color green represents all programs of the College applying their unique strengths while striving together towards their collective mission.

The emblem can also be interpreted as symbolic of the threefold mission of the College. Three spirals of differing height and length arc inward to form the center, representing the family – father, mother, and child. The spirals reflect a close bond by leaning into one another, and create a sense of caring, humility, love, respect, and mutual belonging. Promoting health and happiness within the family sits as the core mission of the College – as Chinese, we believe that the family forms the cornerstone of society. Our mission is attainable by ensuring that basic human needs for food, clothing and shelter are met, and it is no coincidence that the programs of the College are fundamentally related to satisfying these needs.

The white spirals emerge from a green background which stands as a symbol for the natural environment. The College actively promotes environmental consciousness; human health depends greatly upon the resources and pleasure provided by the environment. Environmental awareness is also fundamentally related to an even more important mission of the College – promoting responsible consumer behavior when it comes to creating innovative start-ups, using resources, and choosing lifestyles. A more enlightened consumerism is essential to the future of our nation and the earth.

The white spirals grow out of a white oval, whose perfect shape symbolizes life, love, harmony, and the ultimate source of life. This oval, giving birth to the spirals, is an image of the Holy Trinity, or the Eternal Tao. It is a symbol closely related to the threefold mission of the College – the core of which is to help every single person on earth enjoy a better quality of life. Quality of life is not simply a matter of collecting nice things, but a question of quality – quality of character. Quality of character is created through the pursuit of a meaningful life in relation to one’s fellow humans and by following the great wisdom of the Eternal Tao.

The College sees its threefold mission as a means to reduce materialism, narrow individualism, and consumerism, and to meet the challenge of living a life of greater simplicity. This leads to the emergence of beauty and meaning in life; something that everyone can experience fully right inside their homes.