About Us


The College promotes the lifelong health and prosperity of every individual.

【Misson Statement】

The College seeks to combine teaching, research, service, and educational promotion as part of its commitment to uphold the University values of truth, kindness, beauty, and sanctity. The College mixes innovative technology with glocalization to give students a cross-disciplinary education, training students to be well-rounded individuals and leaders in promoting health and welfare, all while fulfilling the College’s social responsibility for sustainable development.


The College aims to develop:
1. General talent for the field of human ecology;
2. Technicians and researchers;
3. Managers and administrators;
4. Teachers and instructors.


1. The College places a high value on ethics and excellence of service, with equal emphasis on quality of teaching and research. It values the nurturing of cooperative ties between industry and academic communities.
2. In addition to professional technical training, the College also strives to strengthen and nurture student growth in the humanities, art and social understanding to better appreciate the value of life, and to recognize of their duty of contribution to society.
3. Sharing in a campus environment imbued with the spirit of Christian faith, the College fosters love of God and mankind, and profound respect for the value of life.