The College promotes the lifelong health and prosperity of every individual.

【Misson Statement】

The College upholds the ideals of Truth, Kindness, Beauty, and Holiness. We combine teaching, research, service, and health promotion initiatives together with innovative technology and glocalization to give students a cross-disciplinary education. Students will become well-rounded individuals and leaders in the promotion of health and welfare. The College is committed to sustainability and we take our social obligations very seriously.


The College aims to develop:
1. General talent for the field of human ecology;
2. Technicians and researchers;
3. Managers and administrators;
4. Teachers and instructors.


1. The curriculum is practice-oriented to meet social demands, and is reinforced by solid collaborative partnerships in academia and industry.
2. Each academic program aims at fulfilling a particular human need. A heavy focus on professional and technical training is coupled with a curriculum that gives students a solid background in the liberal arts, social sciences, and natural science and technology. Education at the College also focuses on helping students develop respect for life, a set of personal values which is service-based, and a robust code of professional ethics.
3. The Catholic ethos on campus offers students an environment conducive to fostering a deeper understanding of their individual selves, explore their relationship with the divine, and develop respect for life.