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About Us

【Misson Statement】

1. Advance the prosperity of family life in the nation, and the flourishing of human ecology.
2. With the aid of technical skills drawn from human ecology, to develop and improve the quality of life in the nation.
3. Raise consciousness of the vital importance of environmental protection, and lessen the debilitating effects of a culture of environmental destruction.


1. Cultivate talents leading to professionalism and excellence in human ecology.
2. Cultivate skills and techniques essential to sound academic research in human ecology.
3. Cultivate gifts useful in fields of business and management related to human ecology.
4. Cultivate expertise and knowledge for the development of specialists in education for human ecology.


1. The College places a high value on ethics and excellence of service, with equal emphasis on quality of teaching and research. It values the nurturing of cooperative ties between industry and academic communities.
2. In addition to professional technical training, the College also strives to strengthen and nurture student growth in the humanities, art and social understanding to better appreciate the value of life, and to recognize of their duty of contribution to society.
3. Sharing in a campus environment imbued with the spirit of Christian faith, the College fosters love of God and mankind, and profound respect for the value of life. 。